© Grip by Laura-Anne White Fall 2020 Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine


by Joan Michaelson

Days after George Floyd was kneed to death
and demos spread at speed like a contagion,

in Bristol, England, a statue of a slave trader
was wrested from its plinth and rolled into the river.

A black woman leaped up to take the slave trader’s place.

Brenna Fitzgerald is a writer, editor, collage artist and creativity coach. She holds an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction and an M.A. in film and media studies. Fitzgerald has published written work in a variety of literary magazines including Creative Nonfiction, Stone Canoe and Ars Medica. She teaches meditation and finds inspiration in nature. Find her on Instagram @brenbrain. Her artwork “I Am Moments” appears in the Fall 2020 Intima

Wesley Usher’s drawing “Healing” (Spring 2020 Intima) is a meditation on the power of pain and suffering to transform if we open to the vulnerability of the moment. Lilies grow from a spine broken by the “burdens we carry”-our own and those of others.

Two weeks into lockdown, I fractured…

Intima Journal

Intima is a literary journal dedicated to the practice of narrative medicine, an inter-disciplinary field forging bonds with caregivers and patients.

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